Families Displaced by fire

Since 2006, SILVER LINING OUTREACH has been a pro-active response to residential fires. We arrive to the fire ready to provide "The F.I.R.E Box", the Four immediate Response Essentials to the affected families. The more donations we receive, the more families we can service.

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Residential fires happen everyday. 

NYC averages 6 fires a day. 

Brooklyn 63 a month

Bronx 35 a month

Queens 35 a month

NYC 27 a month

Staten Island 9 a month

Long Island 27 a month

3 NJ Counties 65 a month

Delaware 19 a month

Multi family homes

Somewhere in our coverage area today, there is a residential fire taking place. That means a family may be in need of different resources. 


the F.I.R.E class

The "Fire Information & Readiness Education" Class

SILVER LINING OUTREACH does more than responding to residential fires and more than providing for those families. We also educate residents on the three stages of fire preparedness. Our Fire Information & Readiness Education Class was created to help residents learn about fire safety, prevention and related resources. 

Upcoming Classes

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fire preparedness

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide


Early detection is a vital key to fire safety. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are the first lines of defense to help keep you and your family safe 24hrs a day.

Fire Extinguishers

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide


Every household should have at least two fire extinguishers. One definitely in the kitchen and the other somewhere in the house to quickly alert family members.

Escape Ladders

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

Fire Proof Lock Box


If you lived on the third floor and could not get to the stairs of the fire escape, what would you do? The answer is  an Escape Ladder can get you and your family down to the next level.

Fire Proof Lock Box

Home & Renters Insurance

Fire Proof Lock Box


Birth Certificates, Passports, Citizenship papers and other important documents all need to be protected. Having a Fire Proof Lock Box will keep items in one location that can be retrieved after fire department gives the "ALL CLEAR".

Home & Renters Insurance

Home & Renters Insurance

Home & Renters Insurance


During our Fire Information & Readiness Education classes, residents get a chance to find out more about renters Insurance from the neighboring insurance agent.  

Fire Drill Escape Plans

Home & Renters Insurance

Home & Renters Insurance


Public elementary schools have the right idea. They take the time to conducts fire drills with the students in the schools. How many families take the time to create their own fire escape plan.





Every year like clock work, there will be Hurricane Season. In November 2013, we were hit by Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the East Coast.  In 2017, everyone was focused on Hurricane Maria that ripped apart Puerto Rico. This year, August 2019 we are now dealing with the destruction of the Bahamas with Hurricane Dorian. SILVER LINING OUTREACH understands that there will be destruction due to the weather every year and we plan accordingly.  

Mission statement – One of the things that separate SILVER LINING OUTREACH from others is our Humanitarian Assistance. We know that fires and hurricanes will happen so we prepare ahead of time. Our Disaster Relief Package is designed to provide for a family of four after a hurricane. Just like "The F.I.R.E Box", after a hurricane families receive a pre-packed supply of needed essentials.

When a hurricane hits, it displaces too many families for any one agency to handle. During the aftermath, agencies such as the Red Cross, DHS, FEMA, the National Guard and others all get together to tackle the big picture. We focus on the smaller pictures, "The Individual Families".

Relief Package – We know that every family needs certain things to maintain their basic daily routine; toiletries, bedding and clothing. Our Disaster Relief Package is designed for each family to have the needed essential to carry them through the relief efforts. 

Direct Contributions

Each family receives a complete package directly. We convert funds into supplies and provide a direct distribution. 


2000 Watt Generator-power to 5 tents

8x8 Canopy, 10x10 Tarp, 4-6 Person Tent

Queen Air Mattress, Blanket, Sheets, Pillows

4 Chairs, Lamp, Shelf with Drawers, Cooler

4 Towels, Wash Cloths, Soap, Body Wash 

Shampoo, Baby Oil, Baby Wash, Powder

Lotion, Grease, Combs, Brush, Vasoline

4 Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Mouthwash

Alcohol, Peroxide, Antibiotic Cream

Bandaids, Shower Caps, Chapstick

Female Products, M/F Deodorant

Cotton Balls, Baby Wipes, Q-Tips

Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Plates

Plastic Cups, Utensils, Water Jug

Garbage Bags, S/L Ziploc Bags 

Rubber Gloves, Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer 

family sponsorship

SILVER LINING OUTREACH converts your monetary contributions and turns it into physical product for immediate distribution.